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Dog Grooming Shows & Expos

Whitman’s manufactures and exports high-quality pet grooming products to many countries worldwide and also attends trade shows and speaking events for three reasons:

▪️ To see the newest product trends and latest technologies in the industry

▪️ To get feedback from current and future customers on what they like and don’t like about our products

▪️ To get glean insights from other pet industry professionals about what we should be doing better.

Every year, we attend 50-60 professional dog grooming shows and events. Find out where we’ll be come see us!

Groom Expo West

Pasadena 303 East Cordova St., Pasadena, CA

Dog Grooming Shows & Expos – Whitmans

Whitman’s Sharpening proudly maintains a busy schedule attending many professional dog grooming competitions as well as AKC shows across the country throughout the year.


Dog Grooming Competitions and Expositions

We encourage groomers as well as others in the pet care industry to come out and take part in continuing their grooming education. From the west coast to the east coast, there is a show near you. Consider attending any of the following Barkleigh events: Northwest Grooming Show, New England Grooming Show, the All American Grooming Show as well as many others. Each one offers an opportunity for learning, shopping, and meeting others in your profession at the convention center while checking out different areas of the US.

Get Certifications at a Groom Expo Near You!

Attending a trade show offers the opportunity to learn about new products, take advantage of sales ads, and attend seminars for honing your craft in the pet care industry. Groomers also have the opportunity to enter a competition, proving their skills against other top-ranking groomers.

The Whitman’s Experience

Come see Whitmans in our booth at the grooming show nearest you for show specials, learning opportunities, and blade sharpening services.
You will also have the opportunity to ask top-ranking industry groomers about the products they use while they are helping at the trade show between competitions.

AKC Dog Shows

Top handlers are not the ones who should attend dog shows. Dog groomers and pet professionals from all niches in the field can learn more about their industry by exploring what the life of dogs used for competition looks like.

Many of these shows take place at a convention center or other pet-friendly facility. There are even opportunities for pet dogs to join the show. To learn more about these competitions and to get show info visit infodog.com and AKC.com.

Please note that only dogs entered in the show may be on the grounds and must be vaccinated according to the US department of agriculture. Service animals are permitted.